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Our Story

hello everyone!


i started maddie's market in february of 2016. it all began with my personal interest in all-natural skincare & beginning to play around with making products for myself. the first product i ever made was body butter and i knew i had to share it with friends & family because i loved it so much! along with the body butter i started making body scrubs & coffee scrubs & at this point i was hooked. i wanted everything i used on my body to be handmade with minimal ingredients. once friends and family members wanted in on the action, i started ordering my materials and ingredients in bulk online and expanding my repertoire of products even more. after a lot of trial and error with different ingredients and different combinations, i found recipes that worked and gave people the results they wanted. the main idea behind maddie's market is that you should only put on your body what you put in it. if you were to read the label of your current face & body products, would you be willing to put those ingredients in your body? 

be good to your body