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Juniper Fir & Balsam Spruce Wood Wick Candle

Juniper Fir & Balsam Spruce Wood Wick Candle

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I buy my fragrances from a small company in Laguna Beach called The Wooden Wick Co. I am not a fan of super fragrant candles, they give me a headache. These fragrances smell REAL and I cannot get enough of them. 

I also buy my wood wicks from the same company. I love the crackling sound they make when you light them :) Each 13.5 oz jar comes with a wooden lid. 

CANDLE TIPS: you may need to trim your wick prior to your first lighting. After that, make sure to remove the burnt end of your wick prior to each additional lighting. Lastly, when lighting your candle try to achieve an even burn pool before blowing your candle out. This prevents your candle from tunneling.